Choosing a Bracelet
bracelet will be the difference between you relieving your finger, hand or wrist pain and you gaining
absolutely no benefit from the bracelet what so ever. Using the correct strength bracelet is imperative.

How To Know Which Bracelet Is The Right One For You

It is absolutely vital for any one who is currently using or contemplating using magnets to thoroughly
understand the appropriate strength of magnet to use for healing purposes. A minimum strength per
magnet is required to ensure that the magnetic field is powerful enough to penetrate through the skin
and into the blood stream.

If a healing magnet does not have a minimum of 800 gauss per bead then it will not penetrate into the
skin. That being said, an 800 gauss magnet is by no means weak, it does have sufficient strength to
stimulate blood flow and reduce inflammation.

The unit of magnetic measurement is called gauss. The unit gauss has been replaced in industry with a
more up to date measurement the Tesla. However in medicine magnets are still rated in gauss as the
gauss measurement allows for a more precise calculation of lower strengths, than those used in

The stronger the magnet the deeper the penetration into the skin and the wider magnetic field, so for
more serious ailments and chronic, longstanding conditions, stronger magnets are recommended.
1,500-3,000 gauss magnets are considered to be high strength.

For extreme pain and very severe chronic conditions super strength magnets are advocated. These are
magnets that have a gauss rating of 3,000 or above. Super strength magnets are rapidly gaining in
popularity as they offer such a deep level of penetration and create a very large magnetic field.

Results are more rapid with this strength of magnet. They are recommended for people who suffer
with severe pain, for example from fibromyalgia, M.S., M.E., and severe arthritis.

You Have Hundreds Of Bracelets To Choose From -
How To Tell The Weak From The Strong

Ok, so you know what strength bracelet you need and you start to look at different suppliers to see
find a bracelet that suits your needs and is the best quality for the most competitive price. That’s
totally understandable; we all like to shop around.

Suddenly you have walked into a minefield; all these bracelets look the same. Each supplier seems to
have the same sort of bracelets, open ended bangle ones, coiling hematite ones and stainless steel or
titanium ones. How on earth are you going to know which is the strongest and which is best for you.

Oddly enough, even though the bracelets on one website may look exactly like the bracelets on
another website it does not always equate that they are the same strength. As a matter of fact they can
vary by as much as 2,000 gauss per magnet and that makes a lot of difference to their ability to reduce

The other pitfall you face is the number of magnets in each bracelet; even designs which look identical
don’t always have the same number of magnets in them. For instance, the open ended bangle type
bracelets can have either 2 or 6 magnets in them and not all suppliers list how many magnets are in
their bracelets.

The phrase “BUYER BEWARE” is not too strong a caution when navigating the murky waters of
buying a magnetic bracelet

One last word of caution

Regardless of where you buy your magnetic bracelet from, you should always be certain the strength
of the magnets and the number of magnets. They should be at least 800 gauss per magnet. Anything
less than this will not have any effect on the body for the chronic pain.

If the retailer will not tell you the strength of their magnets or does not know the strength of their
magnets, then simply
walk away.
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