Magnetic Therapy Info

Reduces inflammation and swelling, pain associated with arthritis, knee pain, fibromyalgia, carpel
tunnel, neck pain, tendinitis, tennis elbow, bursitis, spurs, back pain, muscle spasms, migraines, gout,
kidney problems, infections, shoulder pain, numbness, promotes healing and MUCH MORE!

Blood circulation and oxygen levels, gives a more restful sleep, relief from allergies, stress reduce and
muscle soreness and stiffness.

Magnetics are a natural method used to relieve pain and restore energy. It has been proven to be  a
safe, effective, economical and a simple form of alternative therapy. Magnets have been scientifically
proven to enable the body to regain its and self healing balance naturally.  

Anyone who has a pace maker, heart valve, insulin pump, or any type of electrical implant or device
used for medical reason. Women during pregnancy (should ask the Doctor)   

Although magnetic therapy is generally considered safe. Magnetic jewelry should not be considered
as a medical device, and should  not be used too replace professionally prescribed medical treatment.
Remember  that pain is a way for our bodies to tell us something is wrong, so magnets should never
be used to treat undiagnosed pain.  

We use all therapy strength magnetics all throughout out products and colored beads are also
magnetic, so ours are very strong. Our black Hematite does not lose it's strength, it is a therapy bead
which has to be a strength of 800 gauss or more to be called therapeutic.

Magnetic therapy has truly been a blessing for my family and I. I got started in the magnetics to help
my son who is in a wheelchair and has terrible nerve pain. While trying to help him with his pain, I
discovered that it was helping to relieve my pain also. I have Fibromyalgia, two total hip
replacements, spinal stenois and a very degenerative back, so I have a lot of pain with these
conditions. With helping our family so much, I decided I should try to help others benefit from these
strong therapeutic beads. I have helped many people relieve there pain from many different
conditions and there is no better reward than that.
exception of the items listed in question 1) . This includes medication, physiotherapy, steroid
injections, epidural injections, splints, supports and tens machines.

Magnets do not interact with medication prescribed by your doctor, they will not effect the way in
which your tablets work even if you are taking lots of tablets for several different problems, even if
you are taking warfarin, high blood pressure tablets, aspirin, insulin, diabetic tablets, pain killers,
steroids, anti depressants, high cholesterol tablets and many more. The only medication that will be
effected by magnets are GTN drug patches, all other medication and drug patches are safe to use with

Magnetic devices do not interfere with any treatments that you may be receiving from your doctor or
specialist (except chemotherapy and radiotherapy). You do not have to stop using magnets before you
start a course of treatment, for example you can use magnets if you are having a course of steroid
injections or if you receive epidural injections. Magnets are safe to use during a course of
physiotherapy or hydrotherapy. You may also use magnets in-conjunction with a tens machine, simply
remove the magnets whilst the machine is in place and put them back on after the tens session is
finished. Even people requiring quite major treatments such as dialysis are still able to use magnets
during their treatments.

One of the most common reasons for the failure of magnets to work is that people do not realize that
it is safe and perfectly OK to use magnets with conventional treatment they receive from the GP or
hospital. Many people stop using them once they start a new treatment. As soon as the magnets are
removed the benefits that they were receiving begin to fade and they then wonder why their
symptoms have reoccurred.

For many people there is a fear of telling their doctor or specialist that they are using magnets. There
really is nothing to be afraid of. Most doctors have now heard about magnets and for many of them it
is not a therapy that they believe in, but your doctor does not have to believe in magnets for you to
use them. You do not require your doctor’s approval or blessing to use and benefit from magnets.
They can not order you to stop using them or refuse to treat you because you are using them. It is
your individual right to choose which treatments conventional or non conventional that you exposure
your body too.

If you are worried about your doctor’s reaction to your use of magnets then you quite simply do not
have to tell him. You do not need to disclose the use of magnets to your doctor if you do not feel
comfortable doing so. I always advocate that people do let their doctor know as it will improve the
communication between your doctor and yourself but if you really can’t face doing this then there is
no medical reason for you to tell him.
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